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The BraillePlace is our highest volume double-sided paper embosser. It produces Braille on traditional Braille paper at a speed of 300 characters per second, or about 1,000 pages per hour.


The BraillePlace was designed from the ground up to be a high-production paper embosser that produces high-quality double-sided Braille. It is not a combination of several smaller double-sided embossers combined into an enclosure to achieve high-speed Braille production status.


Even though the BraillePlace is built for speed, it is surprisingly quiet because it is built into a self-contained steel, free standing enclosure on casters. In fact your whole box of traditional Braille paper is stored inside the embosser while it is in operation.


If you require high-quality Braille, in a high-production environment, then the BraillePlace is the embosser for you.


The BraillePlace comes standard with the following capabilities and features:

  • Embossing speed of 300 characters per second.

  • 4 megabyte text buffer.

  • Supports two graphics modes (13 DPI and 17 DPI).

  • Embosses high-quality, double-sided Braille on continuous form, tractor feed Braille paper up to 13.25 inches wide.

  • Includes ET Speaks that provides automatic speech feedback as you use your embosser. 

  • Multi-copy up to 99 copies of a document.

  • Dynamic Braille Scaling allows size adjustment in Braille cell size and spacing from Regular Library of Congress to California Sign, Jumbo, Petite, Petite Relaxed and Marburg Medium Braille sizes.

  • All modular construction, built with high-quality components.

The BraillePlace comes with a full 90-day warranty and a one-year parts warranty, USB to Parallel adapter cable, line cord, user manual & printer driver on CD-ROM.



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