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Return Policy

For support or maintenance proposes, If you want request a return, and you are located in United States or Canada, you shall do it through our Costumer Support Centre by calling us at 1-800-722-3393 in partnership with Humanware-USA.

If you are overseas and need support or maintenance on Enabling Technologies products will contact us at: +1 772 225 3687 ext 218.

To return your item(s) to Enabling Technologies, you must call our Customer Service Department and speak to one of our representatives, to get a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number, and return shipping instructions. Before sending it, we do need to complete the Return Merchandise Request Form and issue your RMA number. Make sure to write down the RMA number that you have been given, on the box you are sending to us. UPS will pick-up the box at the requested date. Products must be returned using the original packaging.

Enabling Technologies Customer Support representatives are available Monday - Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. EST

Technical problems with your new product

If you're having trouble with your new product, please visit or contact Costumer Support at 1-800-722-3393 before attempting a return.

Restocking fee and repackaging fee may apply if products are not received in good condition.