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We began in the late sixties in Rochester, New York, when three recent college grads decided to build a crude embosser to help out a blind classmate. "Crude" means, among other things, that the medium of choice was strips of paper tape. Joe Sullivan of Duxbury Systems recalls seeing this machine at a conference around 1969 as one of several, of that era, based on teletype machines. 


By the early seventies, the three friends were in business in Stuart, Florida, as "Triformation Systems, Inc." Their first enduring success was the LED-120 Braille printer, which was manufactured for over 10 years. An LED-120 could produce a page of Braille in about 8 seconds. Though not always user-friendly, these machines proved very durable and served out a long life at many major Braille publishing houses. 


In the eighties, Triformation underwent a name change to "Enabling Technologies, Co", commonly referred to as ETC.


Enabling Technologies has been producing breakthrough braille embossers since then. We have become the global leader of braille embossers with supreme Braille dot quality, continuously writing the most important pages of the Braille Embosser Industry Worldwide.


Product names such as PED-30, Romeo, Juliet, BookMaker, Express or more recently Phoenix are reference names in our Industry, landmarks in technology Research and Development and mainly, quality products to help in the daily lives of those who need it the most – the blind and visually impaired.


Enabling Technologies has always had the privilege of defending the teaching of literacy for those with vision impairments, assisting the world in making braille literacy prevail, and helping the blind & low-vision communities use braille in the most simplest ways possible.


ETC is known as being the pillar of support for the braille production institutions in the United States and our Service Center in Jensen Beach, FL  is known by its unbeatable quality of work. We are always here to support those in need.


Enabling Technologies is the pinnacle of the highest quality braille that can be produced today and we are constantly continuing to seek a more perfect braille dot and more user-friendly braille embosser possible.