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New ETC Service Centre


Enabling Technologies Inc has the pleasure to present our new ETC Service Center.


With the change of our facility to 1310 Business Park Place, we have new management tools and a significant improvement in our daily routines. Now ETC is proud to announce that our repair turn around time is under 72 hours, for the first time in our history.

Thank you to our loyal customers for your patience with us during our move. With the increase of qualified trained personal in our new ETC Service Center and the effort of our tireless support and repair team, this month we are proud to achieve this magnificent goal in our industry.

Now with these new conditions we are tuned to serve you like never before. Now we can offer even more complete packs of support to your Institution.

Contact our sales team to get more information.

As an example: if something happens with your embosser(s) that requires it to need service, our new Platinum SMA entitles you to a repair turnaround in 3 working days or less. Otherwise we will send you similar machine to use while your embosser is at our service center. This is only possible with the most modern technology and the most qualified technicians in our industry (with more than 200 accumulated years of experience).


Thank you for your continued support of Enabling Technologies!