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ETC Congratulates Humanware


ETC Congratulates Humanware for the Excellent Work Completed at ATIA 2016


For the first time ever, two North American leaders of Braille Technology worked together as a team at the ATIA 2016 Conference in Orlando, Florida.

Enabling Technologies Inc - the North American leader of hard-copy braille embossers and Humanware Inc - the North American leader of dynamic refreshable braille systems to support education, had the honor to combine their efforts at ATIA 2016, following the agreement between the two companies that was created last Christmas. 

(You may read the agreement in our home page link)

The exhibition was a complete success for both teams and it was clear from the respect of the public for this major venture to all work together to increase the quality of service to the end-user.

Enabling Technologies has high expectations in Humanware's commitment to the end-user and to the hard-copy braille industry.