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New Version Firebird 28.3 Available


Enabling Technologies Inc is proud to announce the newest version of the most easy-to-use, intuitive and friendly software to emboss unprecedented tactile graphics quality.


This software is Free-Of-Charge and everybody can use it. Enabling Technologies does not provide special support for this program but continues to invest in its stability and development. Nevertheless, you may find very useful literature and tutorials on the internet.

Enabling Technologies makes all efforts possible to keep this friendly Braille graphic editor free-of-charge, because free or not there is no other editor capable to explore The Supreme High Quality of the Specially Developed ETC Supreme Graphical Dot.


You may make use of the Supreme Graphical Dot ETC developed based on the perfect sphere dot of the beloved Romeo and Juliet embossers. The high definition of our graphics are now unprecedented, sharp, clear and easy to be deciphered.

You can now use all the second generation embossers from ETC: Cyclone, Trident and especially Phoenix. The Phoenix is the first embosser in the world specialized in producing crispy, precise and a perfect shaped graphical dot - the ETC Supreme Quality Graphical Dot! Try a sample of the Phoenix and try a sample of any other embosser made to produce braille graphics - if you judge side-by-side, you will understand the differences and why we continue to believe that quality and specialized solutions make all the difference for your students.

Firebird V28.3 has the following new features:

•  Now Firebird Suite is named Firebird, because all the tools are compiled in one single user-friendly pack
•  This version integrated the PRN utility tool inside Firebird
•  Preview the Filters before applying them
•  Unification of the names of the different drawing boards: Source Image Versus Page Image
•  The Edit button is now located in the upper-left corner of the Page Image. We can now close the Braille Edit display with the "X" button
•  Almost all the functions and filters now have a shortcut
•  Firebird can be now installed in foreign computers. Localization's will be provided
•  Significant changes on the core of the program to improve overall stability


Your feedback will be important. Enabling Technologies hopes to meet your expectations.