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New Version Firebird 29 Available


Enabling Technologies Inc is proud to announce the launch of Firebird version 29

Firebird 29 is the easiest Braille graphic editor ever made and completely Free-Of-Charge.

To make better use of the superior and unique graphic quality of the ETC Phoenix Gold embosser, our engineering team has enhanced the High Definition Braille Mode available in the Firebird software. As you may know, the Phoenix Gold is the first embosser in the world that is specialized in producing a crisp, precise and perfectly shaped graphical dot - the ETC Supreme Quality Graphical Dot! With the High Definition Braille Mode in Firebird it is possible to achieve a unique and high quality dot to provide the highest quality graphics available today.

Firebird 29 is the friendliest, most intuitive Braille graphics software available, allowing you to create and emboss unprecedented tactile graphics quality.

Firebird V29 has the following new features:

•  Now Firebird supports Juliet 120 and Romeo 60 embossers
•  Design and Implementation of the High Definition Mode for each supported embosser
•  The High Definition Mode allows not to be worried with engineering parameters, and just make use of the best graphic you can do for
    each of ETC embossers.

•  Significantly improved Multi-Copy feature
•  Improved images preview
•  Improved filter preview just by sliding the focus in the filter menu
•  Improved stability

Try the new version today. To do so simply uninstall the previous version of Firebird from your computer. Then Click Here to download Firebird 29 and proceed the installation.

We look forward to your feedback and we strive to continue to meet your expectations.


Please Note: Enabling Technologies does not provide support for this program but continues to invest in its stability and development. You will find very useful literature and tutorials on the internet. Enabling Technologies makes every effort possible to keep this friendly Braille graphic editor free-of-charge, because free or not there is no other graphic editor capable of allowing you to produce The Supreme High Quality of the specially developed ETC Supreme Graphical Dot.