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Juliet 120

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•  Produces high-quality double-sided (interpoint) and single-sided Braille

•  Embossing speed of 120 CPS (approximately 400 PPH)

•  Includes USB, Netowrk or Wi-Fi communication

•  Comes with the Firebird Graphics software

•  Capable of embossing doc, pdf, txt, brf files with Direct Braille

 •  Light weight. Only 16 pounds


The legacy continues!

Enabling Technologies is pleased to announce the latest version of our world-famous Romeo and Juliet Braille Embossers. Romeo and Juliet are reunited again. Both have come back better than ever in their new modern platform, offering exciting new features and unsurpassed Braille quality. 

The Juliet 120 is much more than just an embosser. Juliet 120 represents a new era of Braille embossers with the most modern communications: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, High Quality American Synthetic Speech, Smart user interface, lighted keys and lighted control panel, braille translator included, remote support and much more.

But most important are the blind, their families and supporters. By combining all these technologies you are able to print your documents from your Ipad, Cellphone or by internet, by simply clicking in your device. No need of a computer, translator or cables wiring everything. You can be at work and print a document on the embosser in your son’s room; be in your office and DirectBraille from your Thumb Drive; be on your Ipad, at your teacher’s school desk and just print the test for your blind student too. DirectBraille (DB) enables braille printing of standard files as doc, pdf, txt, brf, etc. With DB the file is simply transferred to Juliet 120 which itself translates it to Braille (Grade 1 or 2).


Direct Braille (no need of a Braille’s translator) and Airprint (without cables and from wherever you want) have come to stay in the Braille world. Mainstream technologies are now at everyone’s fingertips.