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Puma VII

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•  Produces master single-sided or double-sided (interpoint) Braille plates
    on various materials for mass production

•  Capable of producing Tactile Graphics

•  Includes various printing modes and adjustable dot and line spacing

•  Includes touchscreen-display with menu, file manager and preview

•  Includes the Firebird Graphics software

The PUMA 7 Americas Version is a proud successor of PED-30 and provides the newest available technology. It features a completely new revolutionized control system, even with upgradeable software and enhanced graphic capabilities through our Firebird Graphic Editor Software. Enabling Technologies is pleased to announce that we are now the exclusive distributor of the PUMA 7 Americas Version plate embosser for North, Central and South America to best serve our loyal customers.

Cooping nowadays state-of-the-art technologies the new PUMA plate embosser was designed to last as long as the old PED-30. To complement the strong and endurable hardware on board, a new world of functionality has been developed to make the most user-friendly and robust plate maker ever!

The PUMA adjustable interpoint setting is compatible with all formats making it easy to change the page layout without any alteration of the machine. You can preview and save files internally with the built-in touch screen display so all saved braille and graphics files can be embossed by The PUMA directly from the memory or an external thumb drive. This allows you to emboss files to the PUMA without the need of a separate computer.

Now, the braille plates are turned over lengthwise for producing interpoint so only two holes are required to fasten the plates. You may define multiple formats and manage them using the integrated display. 

Additionally, dot and line spacing is completely adjustable for Jumbo braille (or even other requirements). This feature is helpful for producing Braille that is easy to read by beginners. 

The new revolutionized control system is easy to use and includes a modern touch screen display featuring a multilingual menu system. All internal software is easily upgradeable to keep your Puma update to date with the latest available features for years to come.

PUMA 7 Americas Version, the proud successor of PED-30 to continue to serve you for the next 40 years.