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•  Lowest cost solution for creating print and Braille documents

•  Works with your new or existing Enabling Technologies Braille

•  Create print and Braille documents in multiple languages

TranSend SE...the lowest cost solution for producing Single Sided and Double Sided Print and Braille documents.

Enabling Technologies, in conjunction with Duxbury Systems, has developed and is pleased to offer you TranSend SE, our "software" based print and Braille solution.

Avoid cumbersome add-on attachments for your print and Braille documents. Use your new or existing Enabling Technologies Braille Embosser, Epson dot matrix ink printer, and the Duxbury Braille Translator (DBT) with TranSend SE module for your print and Braille documents.

•  Features include:Multilingual Support (English, Danish, French, Italian, Malay, Portuguese, Spanish, just to name a few)

•  System uses inexpensive ink from your Epson dot matrix ink printer

•  Works with your choice of Enabling Technologies Braille Embossers

•  Braille Embosser and ink printer may be used independently or together to produce print and Braille documents

•  First class support provided by Enabling Technologies Customer Support Group via e-mail or our toll free number

To create your document simply translate your print file into Braille with DBT; select TranSend SE in the DBT Embosser Setup; then DBT with TranSend SE will orchestrate sending the file to your dot matrix printer and then to your Enabling Technologies Braille Embosser for producing a print and Braille document with perfect inter-line translation..

Below an example of a double sided print and Braille document produced with a complete TranSend SE System using an Enabling Technologies Juliet Pro 60 Braille Embosser.



TranSend SE - Ink Safety for Print and Braille Applications

In developing the TranSend SE, product engineers at Enabling Technologies performed an extensive review of various ink products to use in our low cost print and Braille embossing system. The TranSend SE system has been designed to work with a number of very specific dot matrix printers. The reason for this is because the inks used by these printers have been classified as non-toxic and are so safe that the Federal government has exempted them from the requirements to produce Material Safety Data Sheets for their ink. This is not true of all ink formulations.

Almost all inks used in ink jet cartridges contain toxic compounds that can cause skin and eye irritation and long term exposure can cause allergic reactions. In addition, some ink jet cartridges contain carcinogenic compounds. Our TranSend SE system has been designed to operate with a specific list of dot matrix ink printers, mainly Epson FX-890 and Epson FX-2190.

Before applying any ink to print and Braille materials for distribution to Braille readers we encourage you to insure that the ink used is safe for consecutive tactile reading applications. All manufacturers of printers using ink jet cartridges are required to provide Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for their products. You can find Material Safety Data Sheets for many of the major manufacturers quite readily on the internet or directly from your printer distributor.