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Printer Drivers 2

Printer Drivers for Romeo 60 and Juliet 120:

ETC Juliet 120 and Romeo 60 drivers


Printer Drivers for all other Enabling Technologies Embossers:

Are you looking for a printer driver for your Enabling Technologies embosser? No download is necessary! Please follow the instructions below to install the Generic / Text Only printer driver that is already included with your Windows operating system.

If your Braille Embosser was supplied with a USB cable or USB to Parallel Adapter cable, you will need to install a driver to allow your Braille translator to communicate with your embosser.

If you have any questions please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

First, install the generic / text only printer driver by accessing the Add Printer wizard under the Start Menu, Control Panel, Printers (or Devices and Printers in Windows 7), and follow the prompts. Be sure to select the USB virtual printer port that was created when the cable was connected between your computer and Braille Embosser. This is generally the USB virtual printer port with the highest number, but finding the correct port may require some trial and error.

Next, tell your translator to send files through the generic / text only printer driver that you installed and emboss a document. If nothing happens, leave the document in the print queue. Access the generic / text only printer properties under Control Panel, (Devices and) Printers, and select a different USB virtual printer port, then click Apply. Repeat this process until the file embosses. Then, click OK and close out the (Devices and) Printers folder.

If your Braille Embosser has a built-in Ethernet port and you would like to install your embosser on a network, please follow the instructions that are included on the CD-ROM provided with your Braille Embosser. If you are using a 64-bit version of Windows, please install the generic / text only printer driver in place of ET Emboss.

Juliet and Romeo Are Together Again

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Juliet 120



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ETC Catalogue

Soon a complete ETC Catalogue - with all the products and main features.